Emily Danae


Phone: (307) 286-6684

Email: emily@our323.com

Born and raised in Cheyenne, Emily (a proud mother of four beautiful kids) graduated from East High School in 2005 and has been growing her family and building her life here since.

Emily is most interested in the investment side of real estate. She loves getting the opportunity to tour properties in Cheyenne and learn about our history and growth as a city.

In addition to being actively involved in real estate for 9 years, Emily owns several rental properties, is a co-owner of Borderline Fencing, and owns a turquoise shop on Lincolnway called Indigo Buffalo.

As a downtown business owner, Emily is actively involved in and very much in love with Cheyenne’s downtown area, and she hopes to own a building there one day. Seeing the recent expansion our community has been experiencing (and the opportunities that come with it!) make Emily excited for what’s to come.

Why commissions are negotiable at Our323

By Our323 | September 30, 2021

Why commissions are negotiable at Our323 When we tell people that all commissions at Our323 are negotiable, their first question is usually, “What does that mean for me?” In short, you’ll spend significantly less when listing your home with an Our323 agent! The commission fee will be discussed and negotiated […]