Lindsey Sears

Lindsey Sears

Phone: (307) 630-3184


Having grown up in and around her family's real estate and banking businesses, entrepreneurship is in Lindsey’s blood.

Her professional experience has been centered around networking and sales, and she’s had some unique experiences and challenges that have helped her understand the kind of agent her clients need—as well as how to give her clients the best experience possible. Blending her wealth of experiences together makes real estate a natural fit.

Outside of real estate, Lindsey is a wife and mother of two teenage girls. She also runs a nonprofit organization that seeks to support and protect homeschoolers across Wyoming, and she volunteers at her church. You'll often find her on the golf course, researching her latest interest, or planning her next convention, wedding, or party! Lindsey loves Cheyenne and everything Wyoming stands for, and is so thankful to call this beautiful state her home.

Why commissions are negotiable at Our323

By Our323 | September 30, 2021

Why commissions are negotiable at Our323 When we tell people that all commissions at Our323 are negotiable, their first question is usually, “What does that mean for me?” In short, you’ll spend significantly less when listing your home with an Our323 agent! The commission fee will be discussed and negotiated […]